How to join us ! [UPDATED]

How to join us ! [UPDATED]

January 16, 2020

1- Register to our website

By registering to our site, you will have access to all our realms , Forums , changelogs , bugtracker, our store and many other novelties.

Don't forget to change your language to the bottom of the website

Notice : Once the account has been created, you will receive an activation email. Remember to check your junk mail.

2- Download a torrent software

A ---> torrent software <--- is required to download the complete client (Bittorrent, μTorrent, etc.). Choose the one you like best. It does not make any difference. install it and go to the next step.

3 - Download the complete client

To download the game Ragnaros 1.12.1 ---> here <---

To download the game Icecrown 3.3.5a  ---> here <---

To download the game Dragnor 7.3.5 (26972)  ---> here <---

4 - Extract the files

Once the torrent is downloaded, you will need an extraction software that you can download for your operating system.

32 bits  ---> here <---

64 bits  ---> here <---

Once installed , extract all files everywhere on your computer.

Notice : If you already have the game on your pc without having downloaded it first, here are the realmlists you need to add to your / or file (open with notepad or other text editor in your game directory) .

Ragnaros 1.12.1: set realmlist (game directory, file)

Icecrown 3.3.5a: set realmlist "" (WTF folder, file)

Dragnor 7.3.5: set realmlist "" (WTF folder, file)

5 - It's time to play !

To do so, if you downloaded the game here, it's simple, you do not even need to change the realmlist. Everything is already done for you! You only have to launch the game through your game directory which you have just downloaded. you only have to click on your WoW.exe which is inside your game folder, connecting , configuring your game and you're done!

Notice  To enter "Ragnaros 1.12.1" as well as in "Frostmourne 3.3.5a" you just have to enter your username, not your e-mail to login in game.

6 - Some useful tools (if needed)

Notice If you ever have any problems to launch your game, you can download these tools. That will solve most of your problems :

.Net Framework 4.8 Web

Microsoft Visual C++ redistribuable 2005 à 2019


For any other problems when registering or connecting into the game, you can contact us anytime here:

Welcome to everyone and see you soon on infernalwowproject!